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Winter Hair Care Tips 2022-2023

On 08 Nov 2022

Winter Hair Care Tips 2022-2023

Winter Hair Care Tips 2022-2023

Hair suffers the most during the cold season- low temperatures, snow, and wind affect the condition of the strands in an unpleasant way. As a result, winter hair care is more complex and demanding. 

In the winter, the human body is deficient in nutrients, which affects the condition of the scalp; cold air outside and hot indoors make strands dry, brittle, and brittle. Hats also damage hair, which is why special hair care is required. We provide haircuts & grooming services in Qatar. Here are our expert’s recommendations for winter hair care tips. 

● Proper Shampooing
In winter, we do not recommend having a "puzzle" too often. The active components of the shampoo dissolve the natural protective film and can disrupt the lipid balance of the scalp.Of course, when choosing the optimal washing frequency, consider your hair type. For oily ones, a frequency of once every 1-2 days is suitable, and dry ones can be washed once a week. By the way, remember that hair care after winter also includes this rule!

● Blow Dry
Dry your hair naturally without using a hair dryer or use thermal protection. Of course, the main rule is not to avoid going out with wet hair! But these are no more extended hair care features in winter, but a safety rule!

● Moisturizing And Nourishing Hair
These two tasks are the whales of proper hair care at home in winter. We advise you to organize a multi-stage beauty ritual: after washing - conditioner, moisturizing serum,hair cream with proteins, and oil on the tips. Dry hair care in winter must include all these stages! 

● The Choice of Headgear
The hat, on the one hand, helps to minimize the effect of cold on the strands. But, unfortunately, it simultaneously stimulates the scalp's sebaceous glands and contributes to the formation of static electricity. Choose a hat made from natural materials: a silk scarf or a cashmere hat is a good option.

Regular Haircut

Even if you're growing your hair,remember to trim the split ends.This minimizes dryness and stops further damage to the strands,which is why winter hair care requires visiting the top Men's Salon Shop in Qatar. Our haircare experts are always ready to provide you with your favorite haircut as per your desire.  

With the onset of the first cold weather,many notice that the condition of the hair and skin is deteriorating. They become dry and brittle, curl and become highly electrified, and may even begin to fall out firmly. Visit our Haircut & Grooming center in Qatar for complete winter hair care. 


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