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The Short Stubble Most Simple Beard Style

On 27 May 2022

The Short Stubble Most Simple Beard Style

The Short Stubble Most Simple Beard Style

Today,all stylish men love to grow beautiful, modern,and neat beards. To keep it in good condition,you need to groom and trim it constantly. A flawless beard is always fantastic,does not itch, smells good, and is easy to comb.Our hairdressers will help you keep the right beard type and do everything possible to maintain your look.Today’s article will talk about the short stubble and most simple beard styles that modern people like to keep.Let’s get started.  

● Balbo
It is perhaps the most exciting and easily recognizable beard loved by men.It gives your personality a perfect look and makes you look different from others. First, grow your beard long for at least four weeks, and then visit our salon center to give it a perfect shape. Along with this, you also need to grow your mustache to get the ideal shape. 

● Stubble
To maintain this beard style, you need to keep the bristle up to 0.1 to 0.9 cm. Despite stereotypes, stubble needs constant care in the same way as a full-fledged beard. You need to get it trimmed at regular intervals and take care of your facial skin to avoid irritation. You should visit our salon center for regular trimming of beard, facial treatments, and other hair care services

Ducktail Beard 
The ducktail beard is always oval, with short hair on the cheeks and cheekbones and medium length on the chin. It looks neat with a high density of bristles. To get a dovetail beard, it is worth growing a ducktail longer and dividing it into two parts. 

● Anchor
This beard in men got its name, as you might guess, for its external resemblance to an anchor: a short stubble runs along the lower jaw and connects to a vertical strip under the lower lip. Often, the anchor beard is supplemented with a mustache, which further enhances the resemblance to the ship's design. 

Visit our salon center today to get a haircut and have a perfect beard style.

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