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Which Hairstyle Is Best For Me

On 18 Feb 2022

Which Hairstyle Is Best For Me

Which Hairstyle Is Best For Me?

A new successful haircut will emphasize the beautiful shape of your face and hide minor flaws. So, it is essential to choose the right haircut, style, and color. Unfortunately, however, trips to the hairdresser or beauty salon end in complete disappointment for many people.

Determining the type of appearance is the first step toward the perfect hairstyle. In total, there are seven primary forms that our stylists rely on:

Face Shape

Brief Description

Oval Shape

A face with delicate features and expressive cheekbones. The line of the forehead and chin is approximately the same width.

Rectangular shape

The chin, forehead, and cheekbones are roughly the same width. The face is slightly elongated and smaller in width than in length.


The length and width of the face are the same. However, the lines are soft, the chin and forehead are narrow.


The lower part of the face is massive. The forehead, cheekbones, and cheeks are visually aligned. The look is approximately the same in width and length.

Heart-shaped (triangular) shape.

The forehead is noticeably more expansive than the lower jaw. The chin is sharp, and the cheekbones stand out sharply against it.

Drop-shaped (trapezoid)

Faces of this shape are similar to rectangular ones, but the forehead is noticeably narrower than the lower part.


Narrow forehead and chin with prominent cheekbones.


Hair Styles for Individuals:

  • Oval Face

The oval face has perfect proportions. If you have such a form, consider yourself lucky. A wide variety of styles are suitable: from bold pixies to glamorous curls.

  • Round Face
  1. Asymmetrical haircuts distort the circle of the face and distract attention from it.
  2. Hairstyles with fleece, as the volume visually stretches the shape.
  • An Oval Face
  1. Hairstyles without high combs, as they visually lengthen the already elongated face.
  2. Thick hair is best thinned out by making a graduated haircut.
  3. Light and straight bangs
  • Square Face
  1. Three-dimensional ones that will extend a square to a rectangle.
  2. Soft, for example, curls along the entire length of the face or asymmetrical bangs on the side.
  3. Straight loose hair: it hides all sharp transitions.
  • Rectangular Face

A rectangular face is similar to an oval face, but this shape is a little angular. You want to hide or soften the sharpness of the square. Combs and strictly pulled back hair will spoil the whole image, as well as just loose hair.

  • Curly hairstyles with rounded chin strands. So they will expand it.
  • Hairstyles with volume at the chin. This will also help equalize the line of the forehead, cheekbones, and chin.
  • Asymmetrical or wide straight bangs. They will hide the broad line of the forehead.

We are always happy to help you choose the right hairstyle. Just visit our salon center today and tell our experts your preferences. They will choose a perfect hairstyle depending on preferences, face structure and styling requirements. Contact us today for more information.


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