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Hair Care Must For Colored & Treated Hair

On 01 Feb 2022

Hair Care Must For Colored & Treated Hair

Hair Care Must For Colored & Treated Hair

Colored & treated hair helps people refresh their look, change people’s perceptions, and stand out from the crowd. However, when you color or treat your hair, it becomes more vulnerable to various external damaging factors. Therefore, you need to provide careful care and attention to restore their shine, neutralize unwanted yellowness, achieve a cool shade, and keep them in good condition.

  • Regular Cleaning & Combing

Before washing your hair, you should comb your hair well — they should be dry at this time. Pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and dilute it with warm water, gently massage into the root zone for a minute and then rinse. After this, apply shampoo to the entire length of your hair, gently beat the foam, and rinse your hair. If the hair dries in its natural state, it will benefit the hair. If this is not possible, remove excess moisture with a terry towel and brush your hair with a wooden comb. Regular cleaning and combing keep colored and treated hair in good condition for a long time. Choose a good quality shampoo to wash your hair.

  • Use A Balm Or Conditioner

You must use a balm or conditioner to maintain the shine of your hair and keep it in perfect condition. In addition, many brands sell lotions and conditioners. Study the properties of all these products and choose suitable ones for yourself.

  • Maintain Hair Structure

Always keep in mind that masks restore and maintain the structure of the hair. You should apply them to the hair two to three times a week before shampooing, keep it for the required time, and then apply shampoo. You must choose a creamy and oily mask for better results. You should also use special indelible serums and fluids that support the hair's cuticle in a closed state and prolong the life of color pigments. It is good to use hair care products that contain silk, keratin, citric and glutamic acids, arginine and serine, high-quality silicone, natural oils, cosmetics, soft cationic surfactants.

  • Professional Coloring & Treatment Makes Hair Care Easier

Professional coloring and treatment make it easier to care for colored hair. You must visit our salon center in Qatar to have high-quality hair coloring and treatment. Our experts will choose the best color and method for hair color. It keeps you away from allergies and other harmful reactions.



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